We have made it our mission to strive for ecological balance on all levels for the common good. That’s why we try to optimise that which can be made even better. Large wooden containers for long-term storage are being used more and more in our celler. A state photovoltaic system provides considerable amounts of electricity and instead of a garden that is pleasing to the eye, we have invested massively in permaculture hills, fruit trees, fruit bushes and insect hotels. An end to our self sufficiency programme is not in sight. Above all, when we annually harvest the fruit of our labours in the form of our fruit and numerous vegetables we get a great feeling of personal satisfaction. It feels really good to feed ourselves. To the question, whether its worth it or not economically, growth doesn’t always need to be about materialism and getting bigger, but more about the details, the diversity and quality of our work. We harvest our produce with joy and extreme satisfaction.

“The time for happiness is today, not tomorrow!” Lydia Ploder

Where there is a lot of love, there is also always miracles

Including the universe

We are increasingly using subtle energies in our daily lives. The more influences coming from the universe, parallel worlds and entities around us, the more we can pick up from the energy of places and influences of the supernatural. Not everything can and should be explained. The training of subtle body perceptions makes it possible to communicate with inspired earth. We believe that the energetic order of the earth can be brought forth through creative action in harmony.  Connectedness is created through overtones and undertones, inspirational cosmos programmes and lithopuncture. This cosmic wellbeing is strengthened through marker points in our vineyards, our environment and the place of our house. Being open-minded helps us to perceive the inconceivable, untouchable, elemental beings and natural spirits such as energy flows. Rituals and appraisals enrich our every day life. Using imagination, extended consciousness and natural, spiritual beliefs we use “Old new knowledge” about the “other world”. On Rosenberg we feel with respect and humbleness fields of energy, design our own as such and work on our own intuitive powers to see and to recognise. “It is really worth it to keep your eyes, ears, noses and palates open with us!”