Letting wine be wine is an art that happens there where it is allowed to happen. The tastable achievement is wine and is discernible for people, place & period which brings it forth. Manuel Ploder, Winegrower

A sensitive and subtle experience in taste

Biodynamic agriculture is the most modern form of agriculture that is constantly being further developed and over the years it has brought forth the purest results. Constant “circular thinking” and longterm sustainable action are the basis of our economy and create to a wide extent a closed individualism on the farm.

We say no to all synthetic, systematic and strong fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. We promote well nourished soil. Healthy soil means disease resistant plants, valuable soil components, reproduction as well as qualititive and quantitive growth.

We strive constantly for the highest level of expansion without claiming perfection. Working in a biologically dynamic manner means accepting that you are in a permanent development process. On the basis of experience, scientific research and humanistic findings there are always exciting and fine tasting results.


Mankind as basis of the creation

We have a constant and significant influence on the wine directly through vineyard management, pressing, recirculation or filtration. After the wine harvest we develop a very fine and subtle relationship with our wines. We have close relationships with them. On a daily basis we go into the cellar and between us and the wine there is an intensive and intimate exchange process. Subtle energy in the cellar expresses itself in the strict withdrawal of additives and high technology. Reduction in the cellar means for us: grapes, love and time. In this process of communication emotional decisions come forth. Through the intensity of these intuitive processes the wines show their character and the typical taste of our gardens of wine. Convince yourself and personally see the finely tuned work processes in and around our cellars. “Check out whether we do what we say. We say what we do!”


Long-term inner relationships

When we leave conventional production practices behind us, better wellbeing automatically kicks in with every bite and every sip we take. Where soil is continually treated with synthetic and systematic pesticides, nature can’t develop. We fertilise our plants by nourishing soil life. Healthy soil ensures plants which are resistant to disease, reproduction, qualititive and quantitive growth. In this way wines and delicacies are produced free of manipulative additives and production aids loaded with high energy impulses. Demeter is the most rigorous testing authority with the highest guarantee for high quality products worldwide. The only additives allowed in the cellar are activated carbon, bentonite earth and sulphur. Through this processing procedure all our wines are not only fine tasting but also at the same time bio and vegan certified.