The people on Rosenberg

You really have to get to know them! The family together with their team of hard-working employees have been working their 12.5 ha. of wine gardens since 2006 using biodynamic methods – loving life, laughing, crying & producing masterfully crafted creations. From our partner Robert Lieschnegg, who is also an approved DEMETER winegrower, we also process additional grapes from a further 3 ha of wine gardens.


The Team

Plant life: Alfred and Manuel are supported by Stefan (trainee), Wwoofers and seasonal employees. In the cellar Manuel is assisted by Alfred. Maria, Alfred, Manuel and Christine are involved in administration and sales.

Alfred Ploder


Comprehensive education and graduation from agricultural college, commercial college for fruit trees, viticulture, master of fruit tree cultivation, wine grower and cellar master, agricultural business training, certified training in biological winemaking, study of herbs and spices, permaculture academy, graduate in winemaking, anthroposophic training both at home and abroad, visionary and dynamic developer of valuable models and systems outside the main stream of society. Hobbies and interests: Listening to the radio, reading, travel, good food & wine, philosophising……

“Wines of character and their creators go their own way. They might be less diplomats then originals, but they are fundamentally direct, honest to goodness, authentic folk of character and valuable to those who make them strong!”

Maria Ploder

Go-getting and totally unflappable with an overview of everything

Fully qualified sales assistant, additional qualifications in decoration, design, cuisine, grafting; agricultural business schooling, qualified sommelier with degree, certified herb specialist and training in permaculture; First contact person in sales, office, finance, appointments. Hobbies and interests: Enjoying life, cooking, gardening, traveling, listening to the radio, enjoying the great outdoors in the fresh air…….

“The only constant in life is change!”

Manuel Ploder

Winegrower & Wine guide

Born in the sunny month of June, this is reflected in his joy for life towards wine, plants and also the liquid essences that flow through all things. After some years of school and viticulture as well as other specialist subjects, Manuel has put his theory into practice and strengthened and extended this through courses at home and abroad. Since the 2011 harvest, wines by Ploder – Rosenberg bear his trademark.

“My land will show who I am”

Lydia Ploder

networker, fairy with a lots of talents

Of the 1986 vintage, she is a graduate of wine marketing at HAK in Leibnitz, law student at Graz University, passionate about extreme sports, enjoys yoga and being in the vineyards as the balance in her life, loves experimenting in the kitchen and is interested in various forms of nutrition. Prefers white wine to red and just loves coffee. In the vineyard she is their “Girl Friday” but in particular as system administrator with an affinity for marketing, presentations and sales.

“Water is the best of all – but one can’t always have the best!”

Stefan Balacicz

cultivation of the gardens

Stefan is since 1990 at the winery. He takes care of the vineyards and helps at harvest time in the cellar. He loves to be in the forest.

Christine Tischler

Multitalent in the administration

Christine is since 2016 at the winery.


The Winery over the years

 “When you make a Decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen!” Permaculture is increasingly becoming an integral part of our wine estate – all according to the approved standard of Demeter quality. The lines of “Feine Klassiker” and “Naturial’ s” with the premium and Reserve wines – are preparing the way for the well established archaic, skin fermented, amber-coloured and unfiltered works of wine; All new and replacement plantings are using PIWIs (fungus resistant varieties). It is our intention to extend our range of wine using more styles of wine!


Recognised Demeter business of the highest reputation in the Vulkanland area of Styria, Austria. We’ve found ourselves! Highest degree of transparency, strict routines for daily work & procedures, continuation of quality and further development lets our vineyards clearly become gardens of wine.


The first essences from amphorae are bottled and marketed as “Real wine from Ploder – Rosenberg” Addition of the areas of “Steinriegel” and “Mitteregg” to our own land. Purchase of additional grapes from non-certified bio producers no longer takes place. Manuel has his first harvest and takes over responsibility for the cellar.


First certified bio harvest as confirmed by state and institutional controlling authorities.


No more small animals. All our areas of cultivation are in the last transitional year. Limitations on purchase of additional grapes and determination of biodynamic alternative production. The Sauvignon Blanc line is now skin fermented.


First skin fermentations in stone containers. We have been supported and motivated for years by bio pioneers and trainees in our interesting development work and training in biodynamic agriculture.


All our areas of cultivation will now be cultivated using biodynamic principles. Start of huge amounts of work for all those involved in the winery.


Expansion of the vineyard areas to Eichholz, Milchkeller and Kreuzfeld. First significant plantings of PIWIs (fungus resistant grape varieties). Change in the new cultivation areas to biodynamic methods. Instead of 300 l barriques being used, toasted 600 l stettins are obtained. No more wooden barrels.


Extension to the winery of an innovative seminar, tasting and office building. We acquire additional support in sales as well as in organisation.


Additional vineyard area at “Kapellen”. Loyal sales partners enable us to bring increased quality onto the market.


Additional vineyard area at “Lutenberg”. We happily obtain more wooden barrels for long term storage of works of wine.


Garden areas round the cellar are finished. Inspirations from art and culture tastefully enrich our design room and motivate our wine drinking buddies!


Eradication of apple tree cultivation areas and extensive expansion of the vineyards with “Alte Riede, Ettigarten & Luttenberg.” More and more wines from Ploder – Rosenberg surprise and delight!


100% of the wine production bottled in 0.75 l bottles is labeled as quality wine. All orchards are protected with hailstone nets. Top producer of handmade fruit juices and nectars.


For the first time premium batches are matured in small barriques


Maria and Alfred Ploder take over the business of winemaking, fruit and fruit juices. Extensive purchase of grapes from contractual partners compensate for their own small amount of cultivation area in the vineyards.


Alfred Ploder vinifies his first vintage according to his own ideas and perceptions. Strawberries are planted.


Further planting of fruit trees (mainly apple trees) and vineyards


First premium vines – Weissburgunder and Samling 88 are planted


Planting of apples, pears, plums, cherries, red currants and tobacco in the dynamic, small farm. In the vineyard there are direct producer vines for our own use.


Enjoy Demeter Wine by Ploder – Rosenberg – Experience Decelerated Wines

When the vine is born, it doesn’t grow immediately.

When its big, it doesn’t blossom immediately.

When it blossoms, it doesn’t immediately bring forth grapes

When it produces grapes, the berries are not immediately ripe.

When the berries are ripe, it doesn’t immediately result in wine. When wine has come about, it is not immediately mature.

When wine is mature, it gives forth happiness. Flowers blossom due to the sun. People through