Masterful and skillfully created individual works of wine.

Grown on living vineyards using biodynamic cultivation methods

With an absolute reduction of additives or technological operations in the cellar.

Purity is our raison d’etre.


Sometimes nothing is everything and everything is nothing!

Since changing over to biodynamic cultivation in 2006 our vineyards have developed into bio diverse gardens of wine. We have been producing certified bio wines since the year 2010 as well as being a highly reputable, approved DEMETER producer since 2015. Biodynamic cultivation is a contemporary form of agriculture which is based on individuality,  being able to think outside the box as well as long term, sustainable action and being able to consistently further develop oneself. Free of synthetic and systematic pesticides, we produce strong and sturdy plants through well nourished soil life. This results in a pure and fine wine which is finding more and more resonance with connoisseurs.

Connected to our homeland

St. Peter / Ottersbach – South Eastern district of Styria – Austria. In the midst of the Vulkanland area of Styria, the soil consists of sandy clays, gravel bases, deposits of weathering material as well as from place to place various very distinct volcanic influences.

All the main spas and sources of mineral water can be found in this region. This fertile area is characterised by the charm of the Mediterranean south as well as having an Illyrian climate coupled with continental and Pannonian influences. Small farms, eco tourism and its multi-cultured historical past characterise the countryside, its people, culture, cuisine and neighbours in the bordering states of Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. Its the same distance to either Triest or Vienna and to the Adriatic coast or even to a glacier.


FINE CLASSIC BOUQUETS up to 12 months in stainless steel tank after spontaneous fermentation  – Refinement & Liveliness!

FINE CLASSIC BURGUNDIES with malolactic fermentation and fine yeast contact for up to 12 months in large wooden barrels – Grace & Charm!

RED WINES with malolactic fermentation and storage on fine yeast for up to 24 months in barriques and 600 l Startin – Strong as a Berry!



PREMIUM WINES according to type and vintage for up to 36 months in toasted 600 l Startin – Love Life!

LINEA – up to 7 times in ten years

LINEA RESERVE – up to 3 times per decade


ARCHAIC fermented on the skins, unfiltered, amber-coloured wines – maceration, fermentation, malolactic and maturation on skins in 600 l Startin.

ESSENCE FROM AMPHORA maceration, fermentation, malolactic up to 1 year in Georgian kwevries, storage for up to 24 months in clay amphorae. Character, versatility and potential through subtle winemaking – Earth & Earthenware!

White or red wine sometimes also unfiltered with / or without addition of sulphur – great reduced works of wine!

The Ploder-Rosenberg Styles

three styles create options and paring selectiv Winestyles.

more information about our wines here…


The works in the cellar

Passion, competence and perseverance pay. Since the year 2006 biodynamic cultivation of all our vineyards. Since 2010 officially certified bio wines and in 2015 we became a DEMETER recognised winery. Delicatessen, exquisite distillates, fine vinegars, self sufficiency, vegan certification including various awards. With every vintage the potential and extensiveness of our products increases as the reward for all our hard work and effort. Wine from our cellar is recognised for its special depth, original character and unique condition. All our wines are bio and vegan certified and more and more are being bottled without filtration and / or only with small amounts of sulphur added.

The challenge of filtering out the gelatine, milk casilate and albumen based conservation residue is not necessary as the Demeter standard is not applied to these. Only small amounts of sulfites and histamines are possible since these, as well as citric acid, come about naturally from biochemical processes in the winemaking process.


Enriched through all kinds of life

Numerous microorganisms and microbes permanently and decisively contribute to the stimulation of soil life and thereby help to strengthen the vineyard plants. A vast amount of work has gone into letting our vineyards become gardens of wine. Various green areas, fruit bushes, shrubbery, fruit trees, wind breaks and islands of biodiversity, perches for birds of prey, stone piles as shelter for larger animals, nesting boxes and insect hotels ensure much life as well as visual and acoustic enrichment. We at Ploder – Rosenberg strive for holistic biodynamic agriculture so that both the spiritual participation and the concerns on earth and the higher cosmic powers correspond to a lo(i)vable world.