My land will show who I am.

Wines of character and their creators go their own way. They might not always be politically correct but they are direct, honest to goodness, authentic folk of character and valuable to those who make them strong! Alfred Ploder, Wine Grower

Wine that has become strong in character through the power of modesty

For us Ploder’s a special animal is a fitting analogy to the originality that is found in each bottle of wine.

The camel accompanies humans in many functions as a friend, a mount, as a beast of burden and for providing wool, milk, fertiliser, heating material and meat. The camel gives the appearance of a ship in the desert that gently balances on the sand dunes. His potential is cultivated over long distances of desert. Modesty created through power and perseverance. It is our real wine which cultivates the balance, diversity and constancy of this animal.

Accompany Ploder – Rosenberg on a path of increased consciousness and leave the oasis of our gardens of wine full of renewed strength.

Conviction creates convincing authentic wine

The increasing level of consciousness surrounding the culture of wine makes connoisseurs realise the extreme differences in quality of agricultural products. The location and producers’ approach to quality can be tasted and traced. For over 10 years all our vineyards have been cultivated using biodynamic methods resulting in refined wines and great reduced natural wines – as premium wines and complex Reserve wines. If you look further you will find archaic skin fermented and unfiltered works of wine with amber-coloured beauty. Hand crafted master creations are leaving our vineyards. Our guiding principle is having the highest level of transparency and performance. Those who enter our oasis see more open countryside than well-trodden paths. “A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” Therefore open up, challenge yourself, be informed, snub and bluff your way through life. Life is for living!


When you make a Decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen

Conscious living requires courage and confidence. It requires finding out about the origin, production techniques and ingredients of our food and drink. Our gardens of wine enable you to look behind the label and see that work for the common good creates great transparency. This is our invitation to you – challenge us as the wine producer of your choice and follow how body and soul come to life. Enjoy as our guest magical spots on the property, following everyday work and choose unique and reliable products of the highest quality.




Plenty of space & time for wine in the



Where we are located.