Where the good is close by

A decesive reason for the unique taste at Rosenberg: in our immediate vicinity real experts in their field can be found. With devotion and passion the family of Fredi Schantl manages a small farm with free ranging animals. Zebus, Cameroon- and blackface sheeps, ducks, geese, chickens in many different species, colours and size, “mangaliza” pigs. Carp in their own pond, and special fruit trees right beside it are giving a wonderful, multi-acoustic and visual jewel. As a certified organic farm the family of Fritz Auer is passionate about chickens, goats, horses, crop cultivation, forest, meadow and fruit trees. What unites this families aside from the passion is, that all this doesn’t happen just for the main purchase, but by persuasion with personal efforts and infinite joy. The objective is to obtain a balance, substainability and best foods from own production. Because of like-minded people the entire surroundings of our site are complex and free of pesticides. In our direct periphery we can collect healing- , season- and aromatic herbs for our kitchen, for the extraction of plant fortifiers as well as delicatessen products, out of this natural landscape. We like to use elderflowers, wild raspberries, blackberries, woodland strawberries, rosehips and mushrooms for ourselves and also for the refining of spiced vinegar, drinking vinegar, as well as meadowsweet- and  elderflowers- syrup.

Fools rush, clever men wait, the wise one goes into the garden. Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

My land is a mark of who i am.